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Additions to our Electrical Matting Range

19 Jan 2015

In addition to our existing range of electrical matting stocks which include

BS921 650v
450v 6mm
BS:EN 61111 class 0 at 3.5mm thick
BS:EN 61111 class 1 at 4mm thick
BS:EN 61111 class 2 at 6mm thick
ASTM D178Type I and Type II

We would like to take this opportunity to advise our customers that we have now added to the range a 6mm thick BS:EN61111 Class 0 rubber matting.

This is available from stock as with the existing range at 914mm, 1000mm and 1220mm width rolls, and in addition to conforming to all of the required British Standards, will offer increased wear and durability compared to the 3.5mm thick.

For additional information on this or any of our electrical matting range please contact our sales team at the office 01902-307711 or by email who will be happy to assist with your requirements.

Additions to our Electrical Matting Range