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Speciality Seals for Medical Industry Sector

For Metering Pumps, Diverting Valves, Pressure Sensors, Pressure Regulators & Double Diaphragm Pumps.
Reduced Void Content results in less permeation, increased life, reduced potential for cross-contamination of process media as well as reducing costs and improved energy savings.
Increased Flexibility results in more time between changeovers, decreased labour and contamination costs, increase reliability and up-time as well as the protection of downstream equipment.
Conforms to USP Class VI Chapter 87 & 88, USP Parts 31,281 and 661, TSE Free.


The Gylon® ONE-UP® Diapragm is made up of Gylon® PTFE with an EPDM Rubber Backing and is idea for demanding applications within the Food, Pharmaceutical & Sanitary Industries. Made in a one piece design, this diaphragm is simple to install. Fits easily into the pump housing without the difficulty of installing two piece diaphragm sets