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It's a Dog's Life of Luxury and Pampering

It's a Dog's Life of Luxury and Pampering

MacLellan Rubber is supplying high grade matting to kennels to ensure 'residents' are comfortable and safe during their stay.

As technical enquiries go, identifying a suitable floor covering for the refurbishment of kennels catering for much loved pets is not an everyday occurrence; but the opportunity to test products in new markets is something we don't shy away from!

Our client's brief was simple, the flooring had to be:

  • comfortable for all sizes of guests to walk on;
  • suitable for canine contact;
  • easy to keep clean; and
  • easy to fit and replace.

In applications with human activity we have immediate answers, but this required time and patience to establish the right solution.

MacLellan Rubber shortlisted a range of products which were supplied for initial 'walk on' trials to establish which matting was comfortable for guests to walk over. The three shortlisted products were then fitted to existing kennels and walkways for full field trials and monitored by the management team on-site to ensure no adverse reaction from the guests and no deterioration of the products through weathering and fouling. 

Open Grid PVC Matting

Whilst all three products field tested were found to be suitable for the installation, MacLellan's open grid PVC matting was selected for its key performance features:

  • resistance to fouling;
  • 100% virgin PVC, non-porous and inhibits the growth bacteria;
  • lightweight, easy to install, clean, roll up and move;
  • high traction surface and quick drain design delivers sure-footed pathway in virtually any conditions;
  • open grid design and underside allows debris and fluids to flow through;
  • compound resists a wide spectrum of commonly found oils and fluids.

Products Used:

Fit out of kennels

To improve the safety of walkways and kennel areas - ease of fitting and cleaning.