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Dropping in on the Fire Service

Dropping in on the Fire Service

Ensuring Fire Officers arrive safely at the bottom of a Pole Drop is all in a day's work for MacLellan Rubber, with our made to order Pole Drop Mats.

MacLellan Rubber work with a wide range of emergency services, supporting them with bespoke manufactured products that have proven essential to the efficient operation of activities and health & safety of team members.

Pole Drop Mat

One such product is the Pole Drop Mat, widely used by the Fire Service to ensure compliance with Health & Safety controls, and to make sure highly trained officers have safe landings and are ready to race to the emergency vehicles.

MacLellan Rubber manufacture bespoke Pole Drop Mats (circular or square to fit individual fire station requirements) using only high grade materials proven for use in arduous applications and which are compliant to fire safety regulations.

Products Used:

Pole Drop Mats

Safe landing of personnel