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K241 90° Shore Nitrile Solid Rubber O Ring Cord

An exceptional performing Steam Cured Nitrile O Ring Cord with excellent Mechanical Properties. Ideal for use with Ethylene Glycol, Silicone Fluids, Petroleum Fluids & Water (to 100C) but should not be used with Brake fluids,
Ketones, Ozone or weathering, Phosphate esters & Strong acids. Can be used as a cord to fabricate an O Ring, or be used free-form in Enclosure Channels etc

Compression Set(22 Hours @ 175°C)
17 %
Elongation at Break
217 %
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
125 °C
Lowest Recommended Working Temperature
-20 °C
Shore Hardness (Shore A)
86 ° Shore
Tensile Strength
14.6 MPA
Oil Resistance
Petrol Resistance
Water Resistant
REACH Compliant