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E106 PFA/Silicone Hollow Core Encapsulated O Ring

E106 PFA/Silicone Hollow Core Encapsulated O Ring

Similar to our E105 O Rings the Hollow in the Silicone Rubber Core is for applications where more flexibility or an easier compression is required. This Encapsulated O Ring combines the Chemical Resistance of a Teflon®PFA Outer Jacket with the energy of a hollow Silicone Rubber Core. Silicone Rubber is chosen for the core where Higher & Lower Operating Temperatures are required. The Teflon®PFA offers advantages over Teflon®FEP as it has improved mechanical, creep properties, abrasion resistance and a higher operating temperature.

Highest Recommended Working Temperature
260 °C
Lowest Recommended Working Temperature
-60 °C
Chemical Resistant
Food Contact Suitability
High Working Temperature
Low Working Temperature
Oil Resistance
3A Sanitary Standard
FDA Approved
Made in the UK
REACH Compliant