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Viton™ Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

25 Oct 2017

Chemours, home to the Teflon™ brand, is celebrating 60 years of its renowned fluoroelastomer product this year.

In 1957, the first fluoroelastomer product, called Viton™, was launched to help reduce the failure of seals and gaskets being used in a new generation of US Air Force jets. The product, which combines the flexibility of elastomers with the chemical and thermal resistance of fluorochemistry, has become a market leader as a high performance solution.

60 years on and the Viton™ brand name continues with Chemours now a Fortune 500 company with 7,000+ employees.

In 2016, Chemours launched a Viton™ Licensee Program to official recognise and acknowledge suppliers who are actively promoting products and material made with genuine Viton™. MacLellan Rubber is proud to be an Authorised Distributor and be able to give customers reassurance of quality compliance when buying products made with Viton™.

For more information about products made with Viton™, click HERE.

Viton™ Celebrates Diamond Jubilee