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Record Breaker

25 Sep 2015

2014 / 2015 ended as a successful year for Maclellan Rubber, another record breaking year. Many things were achieved by Maclellan rubber during this time period. New product lines were introduced, a major stock investment program was concluded, and an even stronger focus on quality and support was driven throughout the business. Each of these actions supported Maclellan Rubber in achieving is best years performance since our MBO.

This was not the only record that Maclellan Rubber helped to break, more recently we had the privilege of support Jayson Brinkler smash the world record attempt for the longest drum roll. This drum roll lasted 12 hours 5 Minutes and 7 Seconds. Thats over half a day of constant drumming!

Whilst the skill, strength, determination and fitness of Jayson were all major reasons in achieving this goal, another key reason is the equipment Jayson chose.

In order to reduce fatigue Jayson contacted Maclellan Rubber and ask for our advice on what anti fatigue flooring should be used, we recommended our anti fatigue Modular Matting System (ModuMat Sturdy Solid Top Modular Flooring System). This anti fatigue, grease resistant interchangeable mat system provided Jayson with the perfect platform to attempt and smash the world record.

Our ModuMat System is available in many different formats with a tile size range from 300mm x 300mm up to 900mm x 900mm. The interchangeable nature of this matting system makes the system incredibly easy to use; the system is supported by independent qualitative and quantitative studies showing the many benefits of this anti fatigue matting system.
Companies using our ModuMat System can look forward to breaking their own records through improved operational performance and reduce employee absenteeism.

Contact our sale team on 01902 307711 or if youd like our support in breaking your own records.

Record Breaker