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Next Generation of Rubber Sheet and Elastomer Materials

18 Apr 2018

The technical demands from our customers continue to challenge the performance of existing rubber sheet material formulations and compounds in their Gaskets and Seals applications. MacLellan Rubber and our partners are responding to these challenges with the next generation of rubber sheet and elastomer materials:

Food Quality Rubber (EU1935 compliant, Nitrosamine Free and ADI free)

Drinking Water Rubber Sheet with Pan European Approvals (WRAS, KTW, W270, ACS, Belgaqua)

Flame Retardent Low Smoke or Non-Toxic Neoprene and EPDM Rubber (BSEN45545, NF-F16101, EN13501-1, NF P 92-507-75, BS476, BS6853, UNE 23727-90, DIN 4102-1)

Specialists in Technical Rubber Sheet

Combining technical improvements in material manufacture with enhanced legislation through REACH (registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals), COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) and RoHs (restriction of hazardous substances), increasingly ensures that material formulations are safe for the environment and public health.

Applications differ in their operational environment, physical performance characteristics, and national & international legislation and MacLellan Rubber, with our partners, are able to support our customers with decades of technical and manufacturing experience to meet ever increasing technical standards legislated across global markets.

Combining multiple properties in Rubber Sheet material

We can combine multiple properties to ensure the rubber sheet material you use in your application is right for the job, including:

  • wear resistance
  • oil resistance
  • dieletric properties
  • flame or self-extinguishing
  • radiation resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • high or low temperature
  • explosive resistance

MacLellan Rubber continues to look forward, developing and improving its formulations to meet these challenges whilst demonstrating compliance through independent testing and certification.

Challenge our Technical Team with meeting your specialist requirements by contacting us on 01902 30 77 11.

Next Generation of Rubber Sheet and Elastomer Materials