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NEW MacNetic Metal Detectable Nitrile Material Targets Food Safety

03 Sep 2018

Orders are now being taken for MacLellan Rubber's latest product - MacNetic - a Blue Metal Detectable Nitrile Rubber, available as cured Sheet Rubber for gasket cutters and uncured compound for moulders and extruders.

Our new Food Safe, premium grade material contains particles which can be detected by electromagnetic sensors and magnetic detectors reducing the risk of contamination into the production process.

Independently certified to EU quality standards

The Blue Metal Detectable material is independently certified to EU1935:2004, independently certified Nitrosamine Free, is free from Animal Derived Ingredients (ADI), and is manufactured in Europe to meet stringent quality standards for use within the Food, Drinks, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetics industries.

Gaining compliance with the European Food Safe Standard for materials encountering food stuffs during production and packaging processes was important for MacLellan Rubber because EU1935 goes beyond many International Standards and general FDA approval, with specific test requirements for no leaching of compounds into the production process.

MacNetic Nitrile performs better than Silicone equivalents

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, said: "Our new MacNetic Blue Metal Detectable Rubber is a Nitrile compound which is proven to have better resistance to animal and vegetable oils and fatty acids, better wear resistance and better steam resistance than Silicone equivalent materials. What's more, the material is both nitrosamine free and free from Animal Derived Ingredients (ADIs)."

He added: "Working closely with our European manufacturing partner, we've invested in R&D and testing to ensure that this product delivers against its technical specification. We're very excited by our new MacNetic Blue Metal Detectable Nitrile which offers exceptional mechanical performance and competitive value compared to Silicone metal detectable compounds."

The material advances the elimination of contamination by the polymer into the process through the early detection of particle contamination, but also through eradication of leachable Nitrosamine carcinogenic compounds found in many standard polymers.

Aimed at safety critical sealing applications

The new MacNetic Blue Metal Detectable Nitrile rubber is aimed at the safety critical sealing applications including gaskets and mouldings (tri-clamp seals, hatch seals, O-rings and bellows) used in the food, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors.

It is available in a variety of formats, either cured or uncured, with full manufacturing batch testing and release certificates, as required. OEMs, MROs, seal manufacturers and end-users can request material information by calling the MacLellan team on 01902 307711.
NEW MacNetic Metal Detectable Nitrile Material Targets Food Safety