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Natural Rubber Order for Pipeline Secured

27 Apr 2018

MacLellan Rubber has been selected by one of the UK's premier gasket cutters to supply Natural Rubber material for the second phase of a pipeline Bearing Pad contract; the first phrase was awarded mid-2017.

Converting Natural Rubber Material into Bearing Pads

MacLellan's part of the multi-million pound project involves material supply to be converted to individual Natural Rubber Bearing Pads which act as a buffer between pipe sections and concrete supports. Designed to be in-situ for the lifespan of the installed infrastructure, the contract award is a reflection of the customer's confidence in the quality and performance of our materials.

This second phase of material supply, worth in excess of 60k, is due to arrive with the customer in under 10 weeks which is quite an achievement for bespoke manufacture.

Natural Rubber Material Conforms to Standards

Chris Hickson, MacLellan's sheeting sales manager, says: "Our Natural Rubber material was selected by the customer not only because it fully conformed to the required standards, but also because we were able to manufacture bespoke width and high tolerance rolls on time and under contract budget."

He continues: "In part, we were able to handle such a large and prestigious contract due to the further expansion of our warehouse and distribution centre at the end of 2017 by an additional 6,000 square feet, giving us the ability to accommodate the weekly delivery schedule demanded by the contract, without compromising our existing material or our customer commitments."

For further information about our Natural Rubber Sheet product range or to discuss your next project in the Oil & Gas sector, contact Chris Hickson who will provide you with technical advice, product information and a competitive price.

Natural Rubber Order for Pipeline Secured