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MacLellan Rubber Prepares for Brexit

08 Oct 2018

Whilst industry in the UK and overseas eagerly await further clarification from the British Government with regards to its long term Brexit plans, MacLellan Rubber, one of the UK's leading suppliers of rubber sheeting and products, has produced a position statement outlining our response to the potential impact of the UK's exit from the European Union.

Andrew Onions, director at MacLellan Rubber, said: "A number of customers have approached us enquiring about the impact that Brexit may have on the supply of our range of Rubber Sheeting and Matting products. As many SMEs and OEMs across the UK and Europe rely on MacLellan's, we have produced a position statement outlining what we feel are the potential key issues and the actions we are taking to minimise the effects for our customers which we hope will dispel any concerns they have."

European manufacturing partners

MacLellan Rubber works closely with a number of manufacturing partners based in Europe and world-wide and have been holding regular discussions concerning future trading relationships with the aim of minimising, where possible, import duties & taxes and delays as a result of extended shipping times and additional export documentation.

Increased stock levels

To counter supply issues further, MacLellan Rubber have increased stock levels substantially at their warehouse and distribution centre in Wolverhampton to mitigate any risks and have been talking to key customers to understand stock requirements and forecasts.

Quality Standards

MacLellan Rubber will remain compliant with any new or existing Standards & Approvals including BS, EN, ISO, DTD, Mil and ASTM, irrespective of Brexit and intend to stay compliant with REACH Regulations for the foreseeable future.

Anyone wanting to view our Brexit position statement, can download the document from the Resources page
MacLellan Rubber Prepares for Brexit