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Guaranteeing no shocks in expanded range of matting

10 Jun 2010

MacLellan have extended the scope of approved materials offered in their range of Electrical Insulation Flooring materials in a response to customer demands and success in securing major supply contracts.

BS921 Electrical Matting is a well recognised, staple product for members of the GCA and MacLellan has enjoyed a healthy demand for its material from many of those companies, but with an expanding European market base, increased performance expectations, and more stringent health and safety considerations there is significant pressure on all Companies working with this product to move into the twenty first century.

IEC 61111 is the current European standard, superseding VDE0303, which is set to become the common standard within the UK, providing a higher level of operator insulation protection than BS921, at less than half the thickness and therefore weight. It also meets modern H & S demands for lower handling weights for rolls combined with easier installation.

MacLellan have been awarded a three year supply contract with a major Utility service company for the supply of IEC 61111 material following almost twelve months of negotiation and product evaluation.

In addition to this new European standard MacLellan now offer materials approved to ASTM D178 Types 1 and 2, and MIL-DTL-15562 Types 1,2 and 3 specifically approved for use in Military applications.

Despite these product developments, MacLellan continues to provide BS921 Electrical Matting in ever increasing volumes, and have been successful in securing supply contracts which will push our annual sales to record levels.

For more information and pricing please contact your Regional Sales Manager or our Central Sales Office.