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Good Vibrations

29 Jun 2017

Over £100,000 of new orders have been received in June alone for MacLellan Rubber's MacMount® isolation pads.

The MacMount® anti-vibration pads are used to dampen the noise and vibrations caused by heavy machinery and are typically used under large electrical transformers.

Noise caused by electrical transformers creates a low hum and, if the machinery is placed directly on the ground, these vibrations will travel through soil and bedrock and air causing problems. Isolation pads are deployed to stop sound travelling through solid materials, eliminating noise pollution, and to stop the vibration degrading the platform on which the transformer is mounted.

MacLellan Rubber's anti-vibration and noise attenuation pads are made from high quality special formulation Neoprene with outstanding properties and resistance to ozone cracking, transformer oils and grease. The product has a low compression set and low creep rate when exposed to high levels of stress such as structural load.

The pads are manufactured by MacLellan Rubber and typically last as long as the transformer itself. They have been used by transformer manufacturers and installers world-wide for over 60 years.

For more information about MacLellan Rubber's MacMount® anti-vibration pads, call 01902 30 77 11 or click here.

Good Vibrations