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Floor Tiles Pass Fire and Ignitability Tests

07 Nov 2018
MacLellan Rubber’s range of versatile modular interlocking floor tiles, which are used as entrance mats, grass mats or general purpose flooring in garages, workshops, warehouses, car parks, gyms and utility rooms, have passed independent fire and ignitability tests. 

Independent Certification

We work closely with our European partners to ensure our rubber sheeting and rubber matting is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and independently tested. To ensure products are fit for their intended application, we urge customers to ensure their manufacturer provides independent validation and certification of their products and do not rely on internal testing or self-certification.  

MacLellan’s modular floor tiles have been independently tested to determine the burning behaviour using a radiant heat source and to determine the ignitability when subjected to a direct single flame source. The tests involved igniting the sample and assessing the burning behaviour, spread of flame and smoke development.

These modular tile products are classified as Fire Tested to BS EN ISO 9239-1:2010 and Flame Resistant to BS EN 11925-2:2010. Our floor tiles are also non-slip and critical fall height tested. 

Honeycomb Modular Tiles

MacLellan’s Honeycomb Modular Tiles are manufactured from recycled PVC and used as anti-fatigue matting as well as general purpose flooring for permanent or temporary. View information about our Honeycomb Modular Tile product.

Checker Modular Tiles

MacLellan’s Checker Modular Tiles are also manufactured from recycled PVC and designed to lock together like a jigsaw to be used in a variety of configurations. View information about our Checker Modular Tile product.

For a manufacturer you can trust to provide a range of rubber sheeting and matting that are independently tested and verified against internationally recognised standards, contact the MacLellan Rubber team on 01902 307711. 

Floor Tiles Pass Fire and Ignitability Tests