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FKM for Sour Gas Application

09 Oct 2015

MacLellan 50 Shore Hardness FKM has again been selected by a major gasket supplier involved in a major refurbishment of a Middle East petroleum plant for its excellent performance against Sour Gas.

Simon Winfield commented The challenges of achieving an effective seal in these applications is significant and something that the technical team within MacLellan do not under estimate, our ability to provide the customer with accurate technical advice allowed us to become their trusted advisor. This was noted as a key reason in Maclellan Rubber being selected as the approved supplier for this contract.

At MacLellan Rubber we evaluate every opportunity and offer the best material for the application at the best possible price with the best possible service becoming a trusted partner and offering reliable technical advice is something that our customers can expect from Maclellan Rubber and is often noted as a key reason for our customer success.

FKM for Sour Gas Application