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Electrical Insulation Rubber Matting Powering On

09 Aug 2012

MacLellan Rubber continues to expand and strengthen its business in Electrical Insulation Rubber Matting with the successfull extention of several major supply contracts into 2013 resulting in forward commitments totaling over 10,000 m2 pa.

Working with main Utility Companies, OEMs and Aftermarket Service Companies is always a challenge given their diverse needs not only on size and shape of the products but also with regards to the availability of material.

MacLellan Rubber have successfully demonstrated over a number of years their ability to manufacture, stock and deliver JIT, bespoke supply solutions in conjunction with individual customer needs. This has resulted in both a strong working relationship and customer confidence to establish or extend supply contracts into 2013 and beyond.

For more information on how MacLellan Rubber can help you with Electrical Insulation Rubber Matting and other Rubber Matting products, contact our sales team on 01902 307711 or via our contact form.