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Developing Standards with BSI

18 Sep 2017

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, will be strengthening ties with the British Standards Institute (BSI) following an invitation to help them develop key standards for the industry.

MacLellan Rubber is a respected global brand and one of the UK's leading suppliers of quality polymer sheeting and technical products. With over 145 years in the industry, they are well placed to assist in the development of technical standards.

Simon Winfield said: "I'm delighted to have been asked by the BSI to work with them in the development of technical standards for our industry. As part of relevant committees, I'll be one of a number of experts in their particular field, who will monitor and comment on draft standards. I have a strong commitment to quality and a particular interest in ensuring that products sold meet relevant technical standards and are fit for purpose."

The BSI contacted the UK Gasket and Sealing Association (UKGSA), of which Simon is chairman, to nominate a representative to work with them. For more information about the UKGSA click HERE.

Developing Standards with BSI