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13 Nov 2017

You can now check the chemical compatibility of a seal or gasket thanks to MacLellan Rubber's easy to use Media Compatibility Tool.

Available on MacLellan Rubber's website, the database contains hundreds of chemicals which reports their associated polymer performance as a star rating. '5 stars' means the chemical is completely suitable for the material, whilst '1 or no star' means the chemical will degrade the material and contaminate your process.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, said: "Similar tools in the market are static which means users have to spend a lot of time searching through information to find their result. We decided to build a user-friendly, interactive tool on our website."

He explained: "With our Media Compatibility Tool you simply type the chemical that you need your product to be resistant against in the search box, select from a shortlist (if relevant), and the Tool will instantly display the performance of the various polymers as a star rating. It's simple and our customers love it."

MacLellan's star rating system is based on high grade polymer mixes rather than commercial grades which are more likely to react with chemicals due to the higher level of fillers in their compound formulation. They are also based on MacLellan's own materials and do not reflect the performance of competitor grades.

Try out our Tool on our website, visit our home page.
Check Your Compatibility