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15 Sep 2017

When you need matting that pieces together like a jigsaw and comes with flexible configurations, MacLellan Rubber has the king of solutions with their PVC Modular Interlocking Matting.

MacLellan Rubber recently responded to a tender for a construction project which was seeking 30,000 modular interlocking tiles, and has shipped two tranches of over 6,000 parts to sub-contractors of Crossrail Ltd, at various construction sites of the new Crossrail railway in London. MacLellan's 100% recycled PVC matting solution is modular/interlocking making it extremely versatile for a number of applications.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan, explains: "The 500mm square tiles simply lock together, just like a jigsaw, so are easy to construct and allow for a number of different configurations that can be applied by end-users, as well as quick and easy replacement of damaged tiles."

The ramped edges and durability of the tiles make this product suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in both domestic and industrial environments.

The matting is available in button or diamond plate finish and is also slip-resistant (BS EN 7188), flame retardant (BFL-S1, BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010 and BS EN ISO 92390-1:2010), oil & chemical resistant and weather resistant.

For more information about MacLellan Rubber's range of products specifically for the Transport sector, click HERE or call 01902 30 77 11.