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12 Oct 2017

Companies who are struggling to locate a discontinued product or need technical product knowledge to solve a problem, are turning more and more to MacLellan Rubber's technical experts.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, said: "We've always been known for our technical product knowledge and our willingness to help customers. However, our Technical Division is seeing a marked increase in the number of enquiries for specific technical assistance which is only available from people who have the experience and knowledge gleaned from working in this sector for many years."

For a business that goes back over 146 years and with many staff having worked at MacLellan Rubber for over 20 years, the company are using their immense product knowledge to great effect. The company's Technical Division includes Ian Littleton who has worked at MacLellan's for over 30 years, and is delighted to be using his manufacturing and technical knowledge to help others.

Ian said: "We love a challenge, and every day we help customers either by re-engineering obsolete materials, working with suppliers on production techniques for a product that is no longer made or by identifying a solution to a technical problem."

The company recently helped a customer who needed to source track pads that are used on armoured tanks. Because these track pads are no longer manufactured, Ian and his team helped to pull together a working drawing of the part, identify current metal and polymer materials that met the drawing standards and develop a manufacturing process that would achieve a high quality finished product. And that's just one example of how MacLellan's Technical Division can help.

For more examples of how we've helped customers, browse the Case Studies on our website HERE.

If you'd like to challenge MacLellan Rubber's Technical Division, call 01902 30 77 11.

Challenge MacLellan!