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Authorised Distributor of Chemours Viton ™

21 Nov 2019

The Chemours Company FC, LLC have revalidated its agreement recognising MacLellan Rubber Limited as an Authorised Distributor of Viton ™, a brand of the Chemours Company. This means that MacLellan Rubber continue to be officially recognised and acknowledged as selling products and material made with genuine Viton ™.


Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan, said: "When we were first accepted in 2017 as an official partner working with Chemours to promote and sell genuine Viton  ™ materials and products to our customers, we recognised this as a huge privilege. The re-signing of the License Agreement provides evidence to our customers that we continue to be one of only a few companies in the UK who Chemours trust as  members of the Viton ™ Licensee Program and authorised to sell 'genuine' products made with Viton ™."

As an official partner MacLellan Rubber are able to use the Official Partner of Viton ™ brand and the VitonFluoroelastomer Seal.

The misrepresentation of FKM products being miss-sold as genuine Viton ™ continues to be a major concern for Chemours and the accreditation given through the Authorised Distributor programme provides customers with a genuine guarantee of quality compliance that is not available from unlicensed or third party suppliers.


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Authorised Distributor of Chemours Viton ™