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We specialise in bespoke rubber mouldings and the custom manufacture of rubber and thermoplastic products for a wide range of industries and industrial applications. Our Transfer Moulding capabilities enable us to offer our customers a cost effective solution to their moulding requirements whilst offering the benefits of a semi-automated process to improve quality and scope.

Transfer Moulding is a cross over between Compression Moulding and Injection Moulding and is a better quality option for prototypes and low to medium production volumes. The Transfer Moulding process involves a pot and plunger assembly which flows the material through to the cavity in the closed mould. The process increases the heat of the material entering the mould and shortens the vulcanisation cycle time.

Transfer moulds are more expensive than Compression moulds due to the additional engineering however the reduced cycle time, generally higher quality of finished product and reduced material waste due to limited flashing generally offset the cost for higher production volumes. Limitations on part size are down to the size of the platen area and the ability to transfer sufficient raw material. Other options we offer are Compression Moulding and Injection Moulding.