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FKM(<66% Flourine) Compounds

Viton ™ Fluorodyn ™ Caulk Sealant

This revolutionary caulk based on Viton ™ fluoroelastomer produced in conjunction with The Chemours Company provides excellent sealing for flanges linging for pipes and thermal power station flues.

Flourodyn ®  Caulk made with Viton ™ is compounded with 75% Solids making it an easy to apply single component Caulk.

It is resistant even in its uncured state to virtually all Chemicals including Nitric, Sulphuiric and Hydrochloric Acids.

Supplied in 71ml, 320ml and 850ml caulking tubes for use with a Caulking/Sealant Gun.

  • Chemical & Corosion Resistance
  • Aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbon resistance
  • Expansion Joint Repair
  • Repair of Vion ™ parts
  • UV Ray & Ozone Resistance
  • Environment Protection
  • Adhers to all metals, concrete, glass and ceramics
  • High Temperature
  • Sealing Flanges and Expansion Joints
  • Bolt Sealant

Food Contact Suitability
Metal Detectable