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No Compromise when it comes to Quality

No Compromise when it comes to Quality

MacLellan Rubber's European High Grade materials are specified for the manufacture of sealing gaskets by a global specialist pump manufacturer.

In a highly competitive global market, delivering high performance products for specialist technical applications without compromising on quality requires passion and dedication, and more often than not, patience.

When MacLellan Rubber was approached by a pump manufacturer who was experiencing repeated, inconsistent product failure due to leaking seals, we reviewed their product quality and inspection process to identify probable causes.

As with many major manufacturers, their reliance on sub-suppliers for quality control was significant, with attention being given to certification supported by random batch testing. 

We immediately identified wide variations in thickness across material being supplied; variations in hardness across the same material batch; and more significantly poor material composition. These issues were resulting in excessive and rapid compression set of the gasket materials which, when coupled with the inconsistent bolt load across the face of the gaskets, created leak paths that no amount of tightening would eliminate.

High Performance Materials Shortlisted

MacLellan shortlisted a range of high performance European manufactured Neoprene sheeting, Nitrile sheeting and EPDM and Chemours Viton™; materials, selected for their consistency of manufacture (batch tested every 150kg), tight control of thickness tolerance and exceptional compound stability. Subsequent trials established an unparalleled performance with a 100% success rate.

The rapid adoption of the materials for all sealing and gasket applications has eliminated the product recalls and repairs due to this issue, delivered significant cost savings, improving customer relations and the clients' reputation.

Gaining approval for one material can often be a major challenge; gaining approval for four materials in parallel is exceptional!

Products Used:
Viton™; Q642; Q713; 1362

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