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MacNetic - FoodSafe Nitrile for Challenging Applications

MacNetic - FoodSafe Nitrile for Challenging Applications

Legislative and market demands have
meant the use of Metal Detectable materials in Food Processing has been growing
for many years. The challenge for many producers has been the limited scope of
available materials that they can incorporate into their production

In the area of rubber seals this has
been limited to Silicone which meets criteria for food contact and temperature
but falls woefully short in resistance to oils and fats, and in an industry
that is all about volume production and maintaining production time, has
limited wear capabilities.

New Solutions

MacLellan were challenged to find a
solution by several conversion customers – gasket cutters, moulders and
extruders – with a brief to develop a material that would address the
limitations of silicone and supply it both as a calendared rubber sheet from
which to manufacture gaskets and wear strips, and as a mouldable and extrudable
uncured slab stock.  

MacLellan Rubber discussed the
applications with these customers and with input from their end users developed
MacNetic FoodSafe Metal Detectable Nitrile, using our existing EU1935:2004
compliant compound as a starting point, and retaining the added benefits of
being Nitrosamine Free and Animal Derived Ingredients Free (ADI).

Production Trials Underway

Those converters are now in the
processes of submitting MacNetic material to their Food Industry customers,
supported by MacLellans, in some cases for production trials before a full swap
over from a general Food Quality material, in other cases as an immediate
replacement for materials that were not metal detectable, and in further areas
where silicone metal detectable materials had been used but were not performing
to required standards.

Features of this new material are:

  • EU1935:2004 compliant

  • Nitrosamine Free

  • Animal Derived Ingredients Free (ADI)

  • Magnetic Pull SEWI 5.5mm

  • Resistant to Oils and Fats

  • Good Wear Resistance

MacLellan’s were able to support its
customer base both technically and with product to test in a wide range of food
contact applications, thereby ensuring we not only met but exceeded the end
users’ expectations on quality, performance and traceability.  Success trials have already led to thousands
of pounds worth of orders for those converters engaged in the project.

Products Used:

MacNetic Food Quality Metal Detectable Nitrile


Seals, Gaskets, Mouldings, Extrusions in the Food Industry


FoodSafe material for contact with food materials in