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MacLellan Keeps Expanding

MacLellan Keeps Expanding

Expansion Bellows for Power Generation Plants have been a mainstay of MacLellan Rubber's business for over 60 years - but sizes keep increasing.

Expansion Bellows

MacLellan Rubber was invited to tender for several large Expansion Bellows (Movement Joints) up to 1.2 metre internal diameter, for a plant refurbishment of equipment originally installed in 1990. As with all upgrades, whilst the specifications were sufficient for the original design, environmental and technical demands progress rapidly resulting in out of date material specifications.

Consequently, we had to revisit the design and reverse engineer the material specification for the rubber bellows, tie bars and retaining bolts, and update the production methodology. Working with specialist supply chain partners, our Technical Team were able to complete this work in a matter of days and provide the client with a fully updated specification and installation programme.

Offering the right product design and material is at the core of MacLellan's technical ability - simply quoting for what is asked irrespective of whether it is right is not what we do. Doing it right, first time is.

Products Used:
Expansion Bellows

Water Flush Unit on Power Generation Plant

Movement Joint