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Keeping Water Flowing and Production Running

Keeping Water Flowing and Production Running

Fixing a rupture in a pipeline feeding industrial water to a production plant without the option of isolating it or shutting down the flow is a challenge at any time. Doing this on a pipe 405mm diameter, on a structure 8mtr above ground level with water spraying out is a trial.

The problem had come about following plant maintenance where a new section of pipe having been welded in place, developed a leak in the welded seam - shutting down the plant and reworking or replacing this was not an option. The solution proposed and accepted was to use Thistlebond UPS 19060 SG Metal Repair Stick (PlasSteeel) coupled with a Thistlebond UPS 19605 PR Pipe Repair Bandage, 100mm wide x 3.6mtr long.

The Metal Repair Stick effectively formed a plug over the rupture and the Pipe Repair Bandage provided additional sealing and protection over the damaged area. In this way the leak was controlled within 30 minutes of application and without the water flow being stopped.

Products Used
Thistlebond UPS 19060 Metal Repair Stick & UPS 19605 PR Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage

Leaking Water Supply Pipe 405mm Diameter. 8 mtr above ground level

Stop the water leak while maintaining water flow and plant production