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Isolating Micro Vibrations in Aerospace Applications

Isolating Micro Vibrations in Aerospace Applications

MacLellan Rubber is supplying moulded Sorbothane pads to absorb low level vibrations in an aerospace technology application. Our solution is helping to improve performance, minimise localised disruption and reduce maintenance costs.

MacLellan Rubber were asked by an Aerospace equipment manufacturer to identify a solution to the problem of low level vibration which was affecting highly sensitive sensor technology in-flight. The oscillation level of vibrations fell significantly below the levels associated with the heavy engineering solutions MacLellan typically work with on a day to day basis. Other factors we had to consider were the size and weight of our proposed solution. In addition, due to the high security nature of the application, there were restrictions on the information that was available about the equipment.

Our challenge was to deliver a simple solution without complex installation procedures that would meet the relevant quality controls for both the Aerospace and Electronics sectors.

Sorbothane material

Having worked on bespoke vibration and attenuation projects for many years, MacLellan's Technical Team quickly focused on Sorbothane as a solution. Sorbothane is a viscoelastic material that mimics the properties of both liquids and solids and is designed to absorb energy over millions of cycles. Due to both its viscous and elastic properties, Sorbothane polymer disperses any shock waves and immediately returns to its initial form.

We designed a moulded washer that could be easily installed using existing fittings either during assembly or during the overhaul programme.

As a result of this change in process, the client was able to improve the performance of the in-flight equipment, reduce failure levels from vibration damage, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Products Used:
MacLellan's Sorbothane Rubber

Vibration absorption on aircraft electronics.


Improve performance of electronic equipment in aerospace applications. UK & Global