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Green Fuels Not So Seal Friendly

Green Fuels Not So Seal Friendly

MacLellan Rubber is supplying Q559 High Grade Nitrile to seal Bio-Fuel pipelines and Transport applications which offers a longer working life than alternative rubber products.

MacLellan Rubber were presented with the challenge of providing a rubber material to be used in sealing applications where bio-fuels were being processed and transferred around a site. Materials the client had sourced from a third party as being compatible, had failed through rapid degradation and swelling or proved too rigid to effect a seal at the torque levels available in the process.

MacLellan's Technical Team have been tracking the changes in fuel mixes, especially in bio-fuels, for some years as the chemical additives are updated to meet more stringent environmental controls. Consequently, we were aware that all of the materials that had previously been effective, including most Viton ™ materials, were ineffective with modern formulations.

With the added challenge that the formulation was not fully available to MacLellan due to Intellectual Property, our Team summarised what they knew and, working with our manufacturing partners in Europe, were able to shortlist several Premium NBR grades for testing.

Q559 Premium NBR Grade

Immersion tests carried out at the client's premises identified one grade, Q559, as being superior in terms of resistance to the bio-fuel formulation and suitable for use as gasket and sealing washers.

As a result of the material change, the client was able to significantly reduce down-time, maintenance costs and clean-up costs for discharged and leaked product, and improve site operational performance through reduced failure levels.

Products Used:
MacLellan Q559 NBR Rubber.

Bio-Fuel Resistant Seals & Gaskets.

Improve life expectancy and performance in sealing applications.