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FireSafe Nitrile – A New Industry Solution

FireSafe Nitrile – A New Industry Solution

With an existing portfolio of high-performance Fire-Retardant materials meeting the most stringent technical requirements within some of the most critical industries, Maclellan Rubber were confident that they has their bases covered. 
Confidence, as we know, has a habit of biting you in the backside in this industry, so we were suitably exacerbated when a client raised the question of petroleum resistance and FR in the same sentence – two conflicting
requirements we thought.

Further investigation clarified that the end user would be using the material as a storage tank seal which as an
industry requirement had to be FR rated. However, the tanks could be holding various media, several of which were
either oil or petroleum based.

Having cross referenced the media with Ask George it was clear that the preferred polymer would be Nitrile, FKM
was an option but there were concerns about Hydrofluoric acid gases in the event of a major fire event.

MacLellan Rubber partner with some of the biggest global polymer compounders and despite some initial false starts we were able to develop a material that worked in laboratory trials and subsequently passed independent testing to the UL94 standard, achieving VO rating.     

Manufactured to be Better

Based on our high performance BS2751 BA60 Nitrile material grade 793, we have managed to maintain and slightly improve some of the physical characteristics of the material whilst adding the FR accreditation.

In keeping with our European manufactured materials F793 is ADI Free, and Bisphenol A Free.

The material is currently available in sheet roll form and is designed for:

  • Gasket cutters using oscillating knife and waterjet cutting technology
  •  Fabricators bonding to metal substrates or forming sleeve and tubing


Although designed for use as storage tank gaskets and seals, FireSafe F793 NBR is suitable for a wide range of
industrial applications in transport and production facilities.

Potential applications include:

  •  Marine storage tank seals
  •  Road tanker storage tank seals
  •  Gaskets in product flow pipeline

Features of this new material are:

  • UL94 VO FR compliant
  • Animal Derived Ingredients Free (ADI)
  • Resistant to Oils and Fats
  •  Good Chemical Resistance

Products Used:

FireSafe F793 Nitrile


Seals, Gaskets, Pipeline Seals, Wear Pads, Tank Lining


FireSafe material for use in high risk environments