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Anti-Vibration & Noise Reduction Solution for Aerospace Engine Manufacturer

Anti-Vibration & Noise Reduction Solution for Aerospace Engine Manufacturer

MacLellan solve vibration and noise pollution problem with innovative solution with Grade 1077 Abrasion and Vibration Dampening material.

MacLellan were approached by a manufacturer of Rolls Royce Trent Engine Turbine Blades to help solve a manufacturing problem whereby operators were being affected by excessive noise during machining and the rejection rate of blades was high due to vibrations affecting the performance of the machinery.

Having already invested heavily in new machinery the client was unwilling to invest further without assurance that existing operational problems could be solved. During the review process it quickly became apparent that a vibration dampening fixture would significantly reduce the failure rate and eliminate the noise issue affecting the workers and prototype test pieces using MacLellan Grade 1077 delivered the results however retaining the dampening material in position and enabling simple installation and removal without greatly impacting on the production time were also required outcomes.

With over 30 years experience, Ian Littleton came up with the simplest of solutions Velcro. However due to the oil contamination, oscillating movement and the unusual profile of the blades, bonding a Velcro strap to the dampener couldnt be considered. Ians solution was to have the Velcro stitched to the 10mm thick material. A process that he developed in conjunction with a specialist service provider.

The results were exception with nearly 100% quality pass of the Rolls Royce Trent Engine Turbine Blades for the manufacturer and a 60% reduction in measurable noise contamination during manufacture. A great success for the client, a great innovation for MacLellan Rubber and a great result for the safety and success of the Rolls Royce Trent Engines

Products Used
Grade 1077 Wear Resistant and Vibration Dampening Rubber

Improve production quality and reduce noise contamination during manufacture

Vibration Dampener and Noise Isolation