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Non-Asbestos Fibre, Rubber, Graphite, Cork & Felt Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gasket

Metal Jacketed Gaskets consist of metallic outer casing to offer protection against pressure, temper

Spiral Wound

Standard and Non-Standard Spiral Wounds with a variety of Windings & Fillers.

Plastic Gaskets

High performance PTFE, PEEK, Tufnol, Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon Gaskets.
MacLellan can provide gaskets in a wide range of high integrity polymers, performance plastics, metallic, semi-metallic , graphite, fibre and non-fibre based materials.

Manufactured to all known flange standards or to your bespoke design and with the capability to produce single piece gaskets over 5000mm diameter our service and supply extend beyond normal limits.

Our Gasketing products are used as industry standards in a wide variety of applications and are engineered to be effective and high performing in all environments and compliant to all recognised quality standards.

We offer a rapid manufacture service and can where possible produce with no tooling cost.